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Tamworth Genealogy Group is the central organisation for Genealogy in Tamworth (Staffordshire).

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Tamworth Genealogy Group are a group of like-minded family historians who meet socially on a monthly basis to exchange information, ideas and assist each other with their research into their respective family histories.

The group do not undertake research projects for individuals, but are willing to assist those who are carrying out their own research into families who have connections to Tamworth and the surrounding villages.

The Genealogy Group has members who were born in the Tamworth area. They have a personal and local knowledge of the town's varied history and that of its surrounding villages, as well as local businesses and families. Members will happily assist with enquiries or requests for information regarding Tamworth and its local and family history connections and are happy to look up photos from the Tamworth Digital Archive.

For more information contact info@TamworthGenealogy.org.uk

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